By choosing to buy from this website, you are already making a difference to the biggest challenge we face. And that’s great! But we want to do more too. So we’ve made the decision to donate 5% of every sale to three worthy charities.

The first of our three charities deals with a significant social problem that coronavirus has made all too real for many of us – a life of isolation. The second is focused on the inhabitants of this planet affected by our actions, through no fault of their own. And the third is a hugely significant charity that is concerned with the 71% of our planet we have taken for granted.


Loneliness is a reality for many people of advanced years. This wonderful charity has made it their mission to facilitate a sense of community for those who feel alone. They do amazing work in this area.

Re-engage (formerly Contact the Elderly) is the only UK charity whose sole focus is addressing social isolation and loneliness amongst our older generation. Through volunteer groups of drivers and hosts, they create monthly tea groups up and down the country for thousands of people.

We want to help in growing that volunteer base further, and that’s why we’re delighted to support them.

supporting the lonely segment of society

Surfers Against Sewage

plastic bottle in Porthleven Cornwall

Water makes up over 70% of the world’s surface area. It also represents a huge dumping ground for our waste. And over time, the detrimental effect it’s had on the animals for whom the rivers, seas and oceans are home, has become enormous.

Gradually, we are all becoming aware of the impact of plastic pollution. But Surfers Against Sewage were aware of it years before it hit the mainstream. In fact, they have made a huge contribution towards bringing it into public consciousness whilst cleaning up our beaches.

We trust them to continue the fight to do more and make change happen. And that’s why we’re proud to support them.

The Aspinall Foundation

The Aspinall Foundation has addressed the threat and reality of extinction amongst our planet’s wild animals for many years. They believe reintroducing animals back into their natural habitats helps to conserve both the species and  their environment.

Over the past few years, they have released 8 black rhino, 12 grizzled langurs, 90 ebony langurs, 33 Javan gibbons, 11 European bison and over 70 western lowland gorillas back to their native homelands.

More work desperately needs to be done to prevent the extinction of our species and the destruction of their habitats. It’s a huge task and is being tackled by many worthy charities. But The Aspinall Foundation does as much as any to make tangible differences, not just through education, but through action. And that’s why we want to support them.

supporting animal species at risk of extinction around the world