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Every Story Starts Somewhere...

Have you ever had a really bad year? Where it felt that practically everything that could go wrong, did go wrong? A time where if you decided to jump out of a plane, the parachute would inevitably fail? Well mine was July 2018 – June 2019.

After much soul searching, blame attaching and wine consumption, I realised there were some things I could change, even if others didn’t. My food choices. How I treat others. Drink less wine. And in amongst all of that was uncertainty around the future for my 13 year old son, maybe his children, and then their children.

Then I started to think more deeply about what I was buying. And I wanted to ask questions around my purchases. Was I being greenwashed? But there’s nobody to really ask. Most packaging is vague and gone are the days when you can just pick up the phone and speak to someone!

When you do start to buy differently, it can be quite a shock at how costly ethical products are. I was fully prepared and willing to pay a premium for moving away from mass production, but some products…seriously?!

So all of the abbreviated mess above, probably sums up how this website came about. And if some of it resonates with you, then please stay a while…

parachute jump is like starting a new business

The Honest Truth

the honest truth - it is going to take global team work

We are a small but passionate team of people that are realistic about what it takes to save the planet. Some people believe that it’s pointless being environmentally conscious unless everyone is doing the same. Others feel that consumers can’t change things because it’s in the hands of government and big business.

And they’d be kind of right … to a point. It is going to take a huge collective effort. More than one community. One country. Even one continent. But if the coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that the world is a lot smaller than its landmass suggests. And the truly big things can’t be solved in perfect harmony.

So, it’s not all about us making a step change together. Some people take longer to get it than others. But the multiplier effect tells us that 2 can easily become 4. Then 4 can become 8. And eventually … change happens.

Saving The Planet Shouldn't Cost The Earth

Many online stores sell eco related products today. Some of them are great. But we have issues with others in two ways.

First, there’s the greenwashing problem. As you will know, this means passing products off as being environmental friendly when they are perhaps not quite so. These generally get found out and disappear into the horizon.

However, we think a bigger problem is emerging. That’s the growing number of businesses selling products with good intentions, but at massively inflated prices. This either makes them out of reach for all but the most affluent members of society, or causes people to forego other essentials of life to obtain products they feel compelled to buy.  We would like to extend the term ‘greenflation’ to include this practice.

What’s needed is a balance. We feels its reasonable to pay a premium for products and services if the premium benefits those at the base of supply chain and/or the planet. But only to a point. We’ll never make the monumental step change needed in buying habits unless it’s accessible to all those consumers who have a choice.

selling eco products at inflated prices

Our Promises

what we mean by eco

Our customer promise

We only accept businesses to sell on our website that are passionate about:

  1. Having a clear purpose to make positive environmental change. No greenwashing. That’s the eco part of our name.
  2. Striving to create excellent products of the very highest quality.
  3. Being as fair as possible to their customers in terms of price (no ‘greenflation’).

If we aren’t comfortable they do that, then we’re not the right fit for each other. That’s the honesty bit.

Our seller promise

For those that come on board, we work in the following way:

  • We never charge a fee to join our site. And we will never, ever charge sellers to advertise with us. Profits is not our priority.
  • We treat all products equally and let our customers decide free of bias.
  • We charge 10% commission on each sale, but then give 3% of that to our charities. So only 7% stays with us.
  • We give all sellers the freedom to make their own decisions on shipping, offers and returns policy.
explaining how we are fair to our sellers